Comparing my Performance road bike to my new Endurance road bike

A friend of mine asked me to give him my thoughts on my new Endurance Road bike compared to my Performance Road bike. I was going to put it in an email and then thought why not put it in my blog so others can read it if they’re interested.

My two bikes:


  • 2007 Trek Madone 6.5 SSL OCLV Carbon Full Dura Ace. This, my first road bike, I bought in early 2016 on eBay for a really good deal. Original MRSP listed at over $5K. I’ve put a total of 13,220 miles on this bike in the past 40 months (combined indoor & outdoor). This has been a great bike for me and I believe I’ve ridden 8-9 Imperial Century rides with it. I also have a pretty good number of KOMs on Strava with it.


  • 2019 Fuji Gran Fondo 1.3 – Ultegra Group-set, Disc brakes, tubeless tires. I got a real good deal on this bike and received it about 40 days ago and have 778 total miles on it so far including 2 Century rides and several KOMs up here in farm country. (Note, not many riders up here and many of the Segments I’ve created myself!)

I’ve loved my Trek, but decided I wanted to get an Endurance (Sportive) Road Bike because I’m now over 50 and my focus is not racing and short rides, but long rides like organized Century rides (getting ready for the Triple Bypass ride in Colorado on July 13!). Because I had loved my Trek and after researching the Trek Domane and the Specialized Roubaix, I found myself favoring the Domane based on a couple of different factors. I was looking for a used carbon-frame Domane that was 2016 or newer but had a hard time finding one in my price range. Then I found this new 2019 Fuji Gran Fondo 1.3 for a great deal that was too good to pass up, especially after reading this excellent review:

Prior to my first ride on the bike, I found myself disappointed in the fact that my Fuji was noticeably heavier than my Trek. My Madone is close to 16lbs and my Fuji I’m sure is over 19lbs. I figured that I didn’t have much chance for KOMs with it and would maybe ride my Trek for shorter workouts and KOM hunting and use my Fuji for longer rides. But since my Trek was still on the trainer for rainy days, I just started doing all my rides on my Fuji until today when I took my Trek out to compare the feel of the two bikes.

Here are my observations:

  • I feel that my Fuji might actually be faster for me than my Trek! On a Century ride a couple weeks ago, I did the fastest pace I’ve had on a Century at 18.3mph and I rode a good chunk of that solo! Previously I had been averaging around 17mph at my best on Centuries. There is also one segment that in the Fall I tried and failed several times to get the KOM on. I tried it the other day with my Fuji for the first time and midway through, I was thinking, I don’t have it today and practically gave up, but kept riding on up and after uploading the ride, was surprised to see that I had come within one second of the KOM time at 1:36 where prior my best had been 1:45! Now, all this to say – I did work out much more regularly and fervently this past winter season on Zwift than I have in the past, so there is that consideration. But I took my Trek out to attack that same segment today in comparable wind conditions and only managed 1:53 on it. And there is also the consideration that although both bike sizes are 58cm, not all bikes are the same and the Fuji just might fit me better and provide a more efficient pedal stroke and power transfer based on how it’s geometry works with my body. There is also the consideration that the wider (and tubeless) tires might be more efficient for the not-so-smooth country roads I’m cycling on.
  • I definitely noticed a difference in the smoother ride and appreciated the endurance riding position (more upright). These elements may also be contributing to a more relaxed ride which may contribute to a more efficient ride for me as well.
  • I noticed that I like the stability and handling of the Fuji better and overall feel safer riding it.

All in all, I don’t see myself riding the Trek much and relegating it to mostly just a trainer bike and back-up. After writing all this, there are a couple other caveats to consider in my analysis besides what I mentioned above:

  1. The age difference in the two bikes is significant at 12 years apart. If I were to get a 2019 Performance bike, I’m sure I would have completely different observations with the changes (that include geometry) that a new model would provide.
  2. I’ve never had a formal, professional fitting with either bike. I have had a LBS owner (who does fittings) do some adjustments on my Trek after he observed and measured a couple things with me while on the trainer at his shop (shout out to Shosies Cyclery north of Rockford, IL). If I were to get a professional fitting with my Trek, I may have some different results.
  3. I wonder how my Trek would compare in performance if I went tubeless with it and used wider tires.

I hope this information might be helpful to somebody out there. Let me know of any comments, questions or observations. Thanks for reading!  🙂


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My Wife’s Podcast!


So excited that my wife has been able to launch her website ( and her Podcast!

Try out her 10-day challenge to incorporate mindfulness into your schedule through the 10 episode podcast!  And if you listen to them, please leave a review on iTunes – that would be really helpful. But tell us what you think as well.


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Lead, Kindly Light

“The path ahead-one step enough for me, Lead on, lead on, kindly Light…”


Full lyrics of Audrey’s version below. From Wikipedia: “Lead, Kindly Light is a hymn with words written in 1833 by John Henry Newman as a poem titled ‘the Pillar of Cloud’.”

Lead, kindly Light, amidst the grey and gloom
The night is long and I am far from home
Here in the dark, I do not ask to see
The path ahead-one step enough for me
Lead on, lead on, kindly Light.

I was not ever willing to be led
I could have stayed, but I ran instead
In spite of fear, I followed my pride
My eyes could see, but my heart was blind
Lead on, lead on, kindly Light.

And in the night, when i was afraid
Your feet beside my own on the way
Each stumbling step where other men have trod
Shortens the road leading home to my God

Lead on, lead on,
My God, My God,
Lead on, lead on, kindly Light.

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Collaboration and the Art of Giving Up Credit

Good words – beautifully and poetically put. Thank you for this reminder of the “More Than” and the beautiful tapestry that is a part of who each of are. 🙂


Candid Together van Gogh quote

“I gave you a land on which you had not labored, and towns that you had not built, and you live in them; you eat the fruit of vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant.” Joshua 24:13

A creative masterpiece is the result of a succession of little strokes, tiny marks, a single idea and then another. For it to hold any meaning the work depends on a variety of colors or hues or shades; the inspiration dependent on the community of the artist – all who participate in giving and receiving form. The finished work resembles nothing of its initial spark and is complete only when the artist ceases from adjusting, contouring. And even then, the creator is compelled to create – to start on another inspiration with a mark here, a brush stroke there.

The people under Joshua’s care came into a land though a succession…

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Being Still at Camp

It was an awesome week and so glad my wife got a chance to come out and surprise us with a visit. Quote from a first-time high school counselor after camp, “my body is tired and my heart is happy” which is the way I feel as well! What a great week! 🙂


be still on a train

Thank you, John Smoke for teaching my son to be still—together.

This past week was summer camp for the children of Downers Grove First UMC. It is the fourth time Howie and my boys participated since Howie joined the staff. Going to camp that first time three years ago was a grace for our family as my sons, immediately welcomed, genuinely became and felt a part of the community.

On Thursday, I finally visited Wesley Woods camp for the day. It was a holy experience to witness not only the beauty of the campground nestled along the lake, but also be present to the movement of camp. You see, the camp is designed to enrich and train and build community, be a space outside of time and away from routines and worries, technology and expectations.

And everyone is involved: the young campers are placed in groups that cabin with and…

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Dion on Fresh Air

Loved this interview with Dion on Fresh Air. I loved his music, his stories and his faith. I remember when he made his foray into Christian music back in the 80s and enjoying his music and being encouraged by his faith connection. But I also just love the humbleness and gentleness of spirit that you sense from him as he shares. A great listen – check it out!

Doo-Wop Singer Dion Pays Homage To His Musical Influences

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50, Jesus, and Stardom – Day Forty

Such a great review here and wonderful words! If anyone hasn’t seen it yet – we both highly, highly recommend! I think there’s 3 showings left – 1 tonight and 2 tomorrow. I would bet there are still some seats available. It was absolutely amazing!! 🙂

So happy to experience church in this way with you Nicole!


jesus christ superstar

Last night, my dear husband surprised me by taking me to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. He scored tickets in the 8th row of this stunning venue built in 1931 with the second largest subscriber base in Illinois. It was probably the most amazing show I have ever seen and this is why.

To start, director, Ron Kellum, shares in the playbill his experience as a young man of color wondering whether there was space for him in theatre, to tell truths that translate to the whole range of audience members. Of this show he writes, “What would Jesus say if he came back today? I hope he would say, ‘Keep telling my story. Keep telling it in many different ways, but always come back to the truth of my story: the message of love and inclusion.’” I can’t imagine it…

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Just Like You, Nothing Like You – Day Twenty-Nine

Yes, I will join you in seeking 5 distinct things about another person! Love your encouragement to mindfulness and thoughtfulness practices in your blog! 🙂


like no one else

One of the first personality inventories I took sorts people into groups represented by one of four animals (lion, beaver, golden retriever, otter) developed by Smalley and Trent in the 1980s. I never liked taking these inventories mostly because the questions could be answered differently depending on the day, or two answers were equally true. The animal incarnation proved this when my responses graphed a line nearly straight across. Also, I resist being placed in a box.My dyslexic-processing brain confronts categories of any kind, and to place billions of beautifully unique persons in 1 of 4 categories is anathema to me.

Still, our culture insists. There’s the assessment based on the Greek humors – Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic – developed by Graeco-Arabic medicine, c. 400BCE. And the most widely used by businesses and university-entrance constabularies, Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory first published in 1944, based on Jungian categories of personality traits. And the…

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Ordinary Time – Day Twenty-Five

Ohhhh, I like that notice 10 things thing! I’ll have to work on that. Get back to you later on that. Plus, I want to know the story of the betrayal and what words you said! 🙂


ordinary time

The first time I ever cursed out loud I was about ten or eleven. I was hurt so badly by a friend, all I could think to do was use a phrase I heard others use—it contained nearly every curse word I knew. On the walk back home I repeated it over and again as a sort of incantation to purge the muck from my friend’s betrayal that almost threatened to choke me. By the time I returned home I felt even worse and I never repeated the phrase again.

The poet Marie Howe describes the force of poetry as like a counter spell to the mean girls’ curses and disparaging discourse. It is a way to use language to speak truth, but in a way that redeems the muck and discouragement that intrudes on our day. And it makes that reality accessible to others because it is human, it is…

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Put Your Record On – Day Twenty-Four

Good word! Also makes me think of Romans 7 – the “Do-do Chapter” with the whole stuck needle playing something over and over. The needle needs to be nudged to Romans 8! 🙂


let your hair down greer

Around the time when I was born, in the late 1960s, James T. Russell invented the technology behind the Compact Disc. Russell was a huge music fan and wanted to enjoy it via media that recorded the music with better precision than LPs and cassettes. The writable CD comprises a thin layer of dye sandwiched between a layer of protective polycarbonate and a layer of aluminum. Lazar light passes through the (normally translucent) dye, bouncing off the aluminum and back out. A higher-powered lazar, then, will “burn” a dark dot that acts as a “0” and passes back to make a space – “1,” and so on, creating a binary code of information.

This first type of CD cannot be changed—the code is burned, indelible. Developers, then, drew from a fundamental premise of chemistry that atoms are arranged differently based on configuration and state (liquid, gas, solid): Replacing the dye with…

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