The Politics of Pink – Day Eight

So I coined this term “masculist” many years ago in response to my pastor (at the time) flipping out to the idea that I would call myself a feminist. I assumed I was the originator of this word. To me it meant that I reject the notion that certain traits that are considered to be feminine traits or roles and assert men’s rights to have gifting and desires to nurture their children, to change their diapers, to be a person that cries and likes drinks with umbrellas in them and so on. But Googling the word, I find that there is much more history with the term and its related masculism, which has taken a much different meaning to others where it is more characterized as anti-feminism & machismo. Which is actually the opposite of my intention for the use of the words! So to others, masculism was as a rejoinder to feminism, but to me, it was actually a rejoinder to the negative reaction to feminism! …if you can follow. But just sharing this for the record based on my wife’s blog here mentioning my use of that word… 🙂


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The most popular Christmas present in 1967 was Battleship. It had actually been around as a pencil and paper game since 1930s until Milton Bradley released it as a board game in 1967. And while there were unmistakable elements that marked many toys as intended for a specific gender (e.g., dolls and kitchen sets for girls, GI Joe and die cast cars for boys), the color of these objects were not so obvious (i.e., pink for everything-girl) and still more toys were available that were merely intended for any kid to enjoy (Wham-O, Lite-Brite, jacks, marbles, and kazoos).

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When my girls were young, we enjoyed watching Dora the Explorer. They learned a little Spanish and loved the quests Dora led them on, and she did so with a sense that anyone is able to go on such a quest. So when I went in search of a Dora-themed toy one…

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