Multiple Dimensions to Healing Earth – Day Six

Best Earth Day Ever! Beautiful bike ride enjoying the earth, beautiful time with the fam and sharing about the cosmos and the deeper wave of love!! 🙂


Love is the seventh wave

Peace activist, John McConnell, believed humans have an obligation to take care of the earth, and to share its resources equally, based on such passages as Psalm 115:16. Two years before I was born, in June 1965, McConnell spoke at the National Education Association Convention in Madison Square Garden where the public came together for a “Minute for Peace.” In October 1969, at the National UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, McConnell proposed a global holiday to celebrate Earth’s life and beauty and to advance peace. And in 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson established April 22nd, first as an environmental teach-in, followed by the annual observance.

palm sam bw

Growing up in Denver, CO, I remember years of looking toward the foothills, not able to see them for the perpetual brownish haze that lined the Front Range. Despite regulations imposed on oil and gas industries, air samples in some areas remain at greater than national percentages…

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