A Case for Faith

Really good word here from my wonderful wife and her physical struggles and having faith in the midst of it all. And she says a good word about me too! 🙂



Today’s Ignatian reading is taken from Jeremiah 17:5-10, and the question was asked, “Do you extend your roots to the streams of water? where do you find it hard to trust God?” I have an autoimmune disease that is beginning to show more outward obvious signs of its nefarious campaign against my body. It has been a decades-long journey making the rounds of specialists in each city in which I’ve lived (10+). Disparate symptomology coupled with negative test results makes an overarching diagnosis problematic. While I currently see a wonderful physician who understands there is a definite rheumatologic factor underlying my condition, “proof” as sine qua non pervades my psyche.

Faith is a quality of being human.

And proof does not indicate that which we often expect it to. That is, proof does not mean that something is indisputably what one purports. Rather, to offer proof is to provide a…

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