A Heuristic for Changing the World

Such great words here and reminders. I love these tidbits:

“…my malaise festers when my soul is starved of grace. And grace is crusted over by the ideas of who I think I should be or what others think I should be or think they know of me.”

“By widening my circle of compassion, I am free from the prison of my optical delusion that restricts my perception of what I do to the few people nearest to me.”

“My range of influence may seem very small, but it is not isolated. And the more open I am to widening that circle, the more that circle opens still wider and to more spheres.”

We are both less than and greater than we realize. When we unwittingly and inevitably fall into the posturing that the world revolves around us, we must realize that we are both less than and grater than this.


A few days ago, seemingly out of nowhere, my 10-year-old son, Clark, declared, “Mom, I believe you’re gonna change the world.” Pause. Come again? “Yeah, you have the biggest brain of anyone I know and you like to help people.” Well. Hmm.

How did Clark know just how much I have been struggling with feeling like a dud, that all I’ve been doing these last few years has made no difference to anyone anywhere? How is it that my youngest child could see in me something I cannot even begin to think is true of myself? I mean, come on—he’s only 10.

Then, my 15-year-old son, Lysander, announced at dinner, “Mom, you are the best chef ever. No one is as good at cheffing than you.” So, I only heated up fish sticks and tater tots. Ok. They are not to be believed.

It is true: parenting is an invaluable job…

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