Great time with @YS_Scoop #NYWC in Atlanta

2014-11-21 23.19.44

Had a Great time at the Youth Specialties National Youthworkers Convention in Atlanta two weekends ago. Highlight video above. I actually found myself in the video. I’m at second 31, at one of the tables in the back – I can see my beige & black Bulls hat.  🙂

Thank you soooo much to my church, Downers Grove First UMC, for making it possible for me to attend. Also big thanks to my high school youth group buddy, Dominic, who let me stay in his home in the Atlanta area, even though he wasn’t there.

Anyhow, wanted to share this video above with those that might be interested. Highlights for me:

  • Meeting and hearing Amy Williams share, the self-described Hope Dealer to the dope dealer. (her WordPress:
  • Meeting and hearing Brock Morgan share, who I am excited will be the speaker for our Senior High Winter Retreat to SpringHill Camp in January!  🙂
  • Meeting and connecting with a new friend I met in David McConnell-Booher, from Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • Meeting and hanging out with Michael Novelli and others at the Sparkhouse Theology Café.
  • Grabbing breakfast and connecting with my old Camp/ church conference/ college/ soccer/ youth ministry friend, Jeff Thompson, Director of Group Mission Trips.
  • Last, but not least, learning of and hearing the music of Audrey Assad on the closing session of the convention. Very impactful for me. I bought her two CDs and have been listening to them almost constantly since the convention. I love the use of Scripture in her music so that the cry of the words are words not just of the artist and you and others that are listening, but of countless people over 2 millennia or so and back to the author of the original words in Scripture. Very powerful. Here is the song that she opened her set with. In the setting of worship, she invited us all to sing with her, but I got too choked up that I couldn’t sing.

I’m looking forward to the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago in March and hope to make it back to the YS NYWC next year in Louisville!


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Love Jesus, love my family, love meeting new people and sharing life with them!
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2 Responses to Great time with @YS_Scoop #NYWC in Atlanta

  1. Suzanne says:

    Which Audrey album did you get? I have “heart.” I really like her voice. Glad you had such a good time. It’s fun to read of you connecting up with old friends and making new ones. It’s a good thing!

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