Louis CK Monologue on SNL


Seems like the link doesn’t embed anymore, so here is the direct link: http://www.hulu.com/watch/615361

This is an awesome monologue. Besides my brother, Louis CK is my favorite comedian out there. It’s not just because he’s funny, which he is, but because he is someone with a moral compass on issues dealing in society. He also brings in religious thoughts into his comedy as well. Besides this monologue above, a great example is his rant on our society’s obsession with social media, where he postulates people tweeting while Jesus is standing right in front of them:

But besides his thoughts on religion, I absolutely love that he takes on issues such as sexism, starvation, financial disparity, violence against women, environmentalism and so on. For example, I love that he brings up the shirt that is referred to as the “wife beater”. I abhor the use of this term for that shirt and am so glad he points this out.

On his SNL Monologue at the top of this page, I love his thoughts on whether there is a God. Also, his comment about Heaven – fits in line with some of my father’s theology in his book, Salvation Means Creation Healed.

Also just love his thoughts on whether God exists. It’s right in line with my thoughts on why I believe there is a God, but put much better. That is what is so good about comedy, it can point things out in society or issues, often much more succinctly and with clarity using the medium. And that is the best type of comedy, imho.


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