Weight of Words

Wow – moving, powerful, just awesome! Interesting to consider also the pain Jesus had from the words that were inflicted on him. I praise the wounds and the blood of the Lamb that heals the wounds of my heart.


A Picture Worth ... A Picture Worth …

It is likely irrefutable, if given adequate time to reflect, that the childhood chant, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is categorically false. Words do hurt, and they can be used to wield a great deal of power. How we use our words matters. The Near East Rhetoric scholar, Jennifer Wright Knust, affirms, “Assigning meaning to words, [such as] signaling virtue or vice, is a power-laden process, a site of conflict and contention within which the dynamics of power relations are negotiated.”[1] How does this inform how we see ourselves as followers of Christ during Lent, and the way in which we use our words?

Julian of Norwich saw the body of Christ as whole. That is, Christ, fully human (body) and fully Spirit (soul—though, the division of spirit and soul is a subject of some theological discussion…

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