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Rublev troitsa

Deep stuff! Thoughts that come to mind: charity over egalitarianism – very thought provoking; living in relationship in humility – humility not just to live self-sacrificially, but also to be able to receive charity and love; Andrei Rublev’s Trinity Icon, which exemplifies the giving to one another of the Trinity in charity and humility; and the song Trinity, by Jennifer Knapp, which quotes:

What was the promise on the Cross of Calvary?
Confess the Lord and the truth shall set you free
…Blessed be thy God who never turned away from me
Hid his face from all my sin, forgot, forgot my iniquity
Go on and raise your hands sing praises to the Lord
He’s the King and He’ll reign forevermore
He died upon the cross at Calvary
He died to save a wretch like me!



von Veh Crucifixion-III von Veh Crucifixion-III

The wound inflicted on world history by the coming of Christ continues to fester.                              ~Hans Urs von Balthasar

The Word spoke. The Word speaks. The Word became flesh at a fixed point in time and space, yet, the resonance, redemptive power, liberating work continues to act outside time and space. The Word is not spoken in ideas and philosophies to be argued and used in support of one’s position, a campaign of violence against another’s view. The Word performed the message, is performing redemption. And, the gift of the grace and mercy of redemption can only be received by its enactment, “by serving as the mythos of an actual communal embodiment of the gospel.”

Lived community is social, and, it follows, political. That is, to survive in the context of the group, an…

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  1. yes, perfect. Beautifully said.

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