The Wound of Mission

Wow, amazing video! May I participate through my own pain in the wounds of Christ, but also for the pain and suffering of others.

(note: click on “View Original” below to be able to view the video that Nicole put together)


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My Lenten discipline this year to meditate with Julian of Norwich on my crucified Lord has been a profound experience for me. It is deepening my sense of the breadth of God’s love, and with it, God’s persistent—stubborn, insistent—patience. It is reworking my notion of what I am as part of Christ’s body. Frederick Bauerschmidt’s reflection on Julian’s vision brought him to conclude, “To be a ‘theological person’ . . . is to be ‘in Christ,’ to be included in his person by being included in his mission. Christ is not simply ‘the one for whom we now live (and die) but . . . the pattern and archetype of our new vocation’ (TD III, 248). The selves that we are given by God in our mission are selves in which the individual-community antinomy is healed. The mission, the task of discipleship by which one is ‘in Christ,’…

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