Through a Glass Darkly

Wow, good and deep reflection. Reminds me a lot of the Cloud of Unknowing, where the contemplative practice is to envision yourself ascending between a cloud of forgetfulness (forgetting the world and it’s stresses, strivings, anxieties, burdens, shame, fears, hubris,…) and a cloud of unknowing (where we see glimpses of the Divine breaking through, but not in fullness – as if seeing through a glass dimly), and entering into a state of being enraptured in the presence and love of the Divine. The “pure breath of God” is a good image to think about in being enraptured thusly. And loved the images and music!!!

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Alice through the looking glass Alice through the looking glass

The Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar sees Julian’s revelations of the crucifixion as a theo-drama to help us understand (or approach understanding) the action of the Trinity at the cross; this element of infinite divine freedom that created finite freedom and where they meet, interact. Considering the paradox of the nature of existence alone (spirit-body, individual-community, etc.) von Balthasar remarks that if one is not to be resigned to

. . . a narrow Aristotelian “middle”—in view of the destructiveness of extreme spiritualization and sensualization—[one] must be given . . . a blueprint [that] would have to execute fully both movements without hubris and without degradation: it would have to come down to flesh “from above”, as the pure breath of God, plumbing the dimensions of “world” and “flesh” to the very bottom. . . . And from below, on the basis of a…

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