Punked by Information

As we get ready to worship together at Just Church this morning, this is a great reminder of the presence we have with each other in community – even more so with the Spirit in our midst in worship – awesome! 🙂


The story of Blind Men and the Elephant is useful metaphor for the value of a variety of perspectives. It is difficult to comprehend the whole of an issue in all its complexities unless observed from multiple points of view. The same could be said for time. That is, our perspective changes at different points in time. We perceive an event (book, movie, etc.) differently over time by virtue of maturity. And cosmic time offers the advantage of perspective via the work of history.

I just listened to a podcast interview with the mathematician, Keith Devlin, who is an evangelist, really, of mathematics. He considers it a beautiful and pure language that eloquently expresses the universe and what it means to be human. It was inspiring and provoked a teensy urge to revisit math . . .

calvin and hobbs on math But, in the interview he quotes G.H. Hardy in Cambridge who wrote…

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