Electric Sheep and Freaks

Love this! 🙂


I’ve just been listening to Janelle Monáe—her new album, The Electric Lady, just released on iTunes. Her voice is amazing, but it is her creative, thoughtful use of a variety of genres while commenting on self-hood and social norms that hooks me. One of my favorites right now is Q.U.E.E.N. It is in this song that she more overtly seems to be exploring personhood, what it means (and what is at stake) to know and be who one is authentically—made-by-God, imago Dei. . . . She asks, Am I a freak? and draws out how easily we conform to the roles expected of us; but we misunderstand—don’t really know who we are at the core. And to pose the question to society, society turns it back on the marginalized (“call[s] us needy”). I’m sure I’m reading way more into this—but, it is brilliant, nonetheless. And, the last portion of the…

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