Jerry – agent of grace & redemption


From: Michael Richards It’s Bubbly Time, Jerry – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld

I’ve been loving watching this new Web Show with Jerry Seinfeld. But check out this video from 13:15 on. Wow! Two of my favorite characters from my most favorite show ever. If you don’t know what Michael Richards is referring to, he got caught on video using the “N” word against people while doing stand-up at a comedy club 7 years ago. It was all over the web & news and he had a pretty hard fall from grace. There’s just about nothing you can say in the public eye that is worse. We were just talking about this issue with the recent big uproar with the Philadelphia Eagles’ Wide Receiver, Riley Cooper’s fall from grace from using the same word. I also think about Paula Dean. We all obviously hope these people learn to address whatever it is in them that caused them to use such language. But aside from that, my heart always breaks for them hoping that they can recover personally from such a huge fall in today’s society. I don’t excuse what they said, of course, but it does seem to me that today’s public will forgive many things, but that is one thing that is unforgiveable. It’s like, “once a racist, always a racist”. But things are just not all that black and white in reality. We should all know that, but we quickly revert to seeing things in black and white on this issue and then try and move on, possibly because we’re too scared or egotistical to address our own issues of sexism, racism, ageism, ethnocentrism or what have-you.

So big props to Jerry, who shows a tremendous example of grace & redemption to Michael here in this video, from a variety of ways.

“That’s grace, Jerry. GRACE!”


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3 Responses to Jerry – agent of grace & redemption

  1. very cool. beautiful.


  2. Suzanne says:

    That was a good clip. It’s always interesting to see well-known people in a more natural environment. And how fun that must have been for those people in the parking lot!


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