The Matter of Matter and How it Matters

Great blog, great thoughts, great song! Also made me think of the awesome David Crowder Band song, Stars:



A short preface: recently, there have been a number of articles published that include the cute phrase, “matter matters” and the like. Full disclosure: I have such an article in the archives of my blog—while preceding these by some fair measure . . . . But, since so few seem to read my blog anyway, I decided to indulge in play with matter evinced in my title.


And, the matter of matter is fascinating! Physicists and cosmologists have lately made intriguing headway into answering some questions (or, at least, developing a few of the right questions) with regard to dark matter. Just a few months ago one such scientist, using über sensitive telescopes and other devises, detected radiation around the center of the galaxy. That anything could be “seen” is remarkable on unimaginable levels. Of course, that is precisely what makes advances in science possible—imagining! Two physicists in particular…

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