open – a case for confessional community


Was listening to this song as I read this quote that Nicole sent me and I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition of the two:

Referring to the leadership training evangelical pastors routinely receive–even using scripture to substantiate Jesus’ “three-year plan” etc, David Fitch (The Great Giveaway) observes, “There are no regular accountability structures or confessional processes available to evangelical pastors as part of everyday life. After all, it would be too dangerous for a pastor to admit even the slightest moral deviation to the congregation because a pastor’s authority depends on being morally fit….Underwriting this understanding of pastoral character is an individualist theology of sanctification…postmodern theologians help us realize that we can only see the truth about ourselves in the community of Christ….. In evangelicalism, the eerie unspoken assumption persists that somehow pastors are living the already-perfected Christian life. But moral failures of many kinds are certainly regular events in pastors’ lives. Whether it be moral depression, pornographic wanderings, personal pride, or obesity, pastors have times of moral struggle….For many evangelical pastors, there simply is no community that together pursues its mutual edification until we all come to the unity of the faith…to the measure of the full stature of Christ’ (Eph 5:12-16).” [italics added]

May we learn to live, thrive and be… open, scary as that is…


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  1. beautiful! you complete me 😉


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