Glory and the Ottawa People

Goes right along with my post from yesterday on the Holy Spirit – inspired from the same meditation and our inspiration for seeking to plant a missional community group in our neighborhood!



The Ottawa people (Odawa), the name meaning, “to trade,” are a First Nations people. The name Trader was extended to the Ottawa because they were known as intertribal traders and barterers. This office continued as Europeans and others arrived exploring the land. The Ottawa were mediators, easily moving among and between tribes—and, then, the European settlers that eventually (inevitably?) came through.

We live on Ottawa Ave., a short block, the only one in our city so named. It is curved, the outlet to the north tagged by another name. Our house is nestled in the crook of the curve where Ottawa ends and the next street begins. Even many of those who have grown up in our city do not know where our street is. But, if you live in our neighborhood, you know that it bypasses an often-congested four-way stop for access to the junior high directly behind us, and the…

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