Listening to this song today – awesome song. Good remembrance for this Lent season. Also something to think about with dealing with our own pain, resentments and humanness. I was reading one review of this song that talked about this song being about the Penitent Thief who was on the cross next to Jesus, who is traditionally referred to as “St. Dismas”. I also saw an alternate title for this song as “Good Friday”. So all good to consider during this season as we remember Christ and his love that conquered death!

Revenge – by Jon Foreman

I’m the failure
I’m everyone’s fool
And I’m losing my cool at the end

I’m the loser
My number’s come up
I’ve been hung up with thoughts of

I watched you
From my terminal view
As you struggled to rise to your end

I laughed hard
At the insults we threw
As the weight of the world found

The world hung upside down
I drew first blood
I drew first blood
With my hate for a crown
I drew first blood
I drew first blood

I watched heaven
Dying today
And I’m gonna die here tonight

I’m a villain
I deserve to be dead
I’ve been hung up for
Wreckin’ my life

So I stopped for a moment
To look at the sun
Dying a day

That’s when the irony hit me
That this was revenge
Love had descended
And stolen our pain

We consumed heaven’s Son
I drew first blood
I drew first blood
My hate was undone
I drew first blood
I drew first blood

Here’s a story
How a thief had been robbed
How a murder had stolen my rage

Think of me, Lord
I’m a few breaths away
As my lungs finally rip from the


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2 Responses to Revenge

  1. Love has stolen my pain…. murder, my pain…. a few breaths away as my lungs rip from the cage–that is what i was trying to express in my “Falling Gracefully.” Jon Foreman is so good at getting to the heart of it. Thanks, for sharing this!


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