So blessed by my family!

My kids are an amazing blessing to me and an inspiration for my life. I am so thankful for them. After discussing the whole scriptural idea of how God can make a blessing out of a curse, exemplified in the Switchfoot song, Vice Versus (which I plan to blog about later), Samantha linked me to the above song by Relient K, saying, “this kind of ties to vices and versus….”

Beautiful message and lyrics. Thank you Samantha, Nicole and all my kids for journeying through this life together with me, through the good times and bad. We are rich beyond measure because we have each other and Christ.


About howie snyder

Love Jesus, love my family, love meeting new people and sharing life with them!
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4 Responses to So blessed by my family!

  1. Nancy Ragatz says:

    yes, you truly are blessed! The heritage just keeps on giving throughout the generations!


  2. The Snyders have great taste in music. Switchfoot and Relient K are favorites in the Finley home too.


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