The World As Best As I Can Remember It

On the way to work this morning, I had my iPod on random and this song came on by Rich Mullins from The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume 1. I would not say that this is a great song musically, but the lyrics have always caught me. I found myself tearing up a little listening to it. All the stories are interesting and moving to think about in the song – and how there is pain, joys and sorrows in each of their stories, for sure. And then Rich does a great job of using really interesting metaphors at the end of each of the stories that helps convey the sense of these sorrows, disappointments and broken dreams, but also a sense of hope in the midst of them all.

The story that particularly strikes me is the first one about Leah. I can only imagine the pain and struggles she must have had to know that she was not initially desired by her husband, but that Jacob really wanted to marry her sister Rachel. If you don’t know the story, basically what happens is that Jacob meets Rachel and asks her father Laban to have her hand in marriage. He agrees if Jacob will work for 7 years for him. He does this, but then on the wedding night, Laban switches the sisters and gives him Leah instead. Jacob doesn’t realize this until the morning and then asks for Rachel to which Laban tells him he can have her if he works another 7 years for him. So he marries Rachel and then works another 7 years, but, “…his love for Rachel was greater than his love for Leah.”

Anyhow, that’s something I really like about the Bible – is that it gives these stories that aren’t all neat and tidy with happy endings but more like real life! Yet in the midst of it all, all the pain, disappointments, sorrow and failures, there’s God and there’s hope. So this all, of course, got me thinking about all the pain, sorrows and disappointments that my family has been having over the past few months trying to get this house deal to go through. It is finally going to go through–praise the Lord–but not the way that we wanted it to work. And there is a lot of frustration and anxieties coming up with trying to figure out how to get all of this to work with the timing, because we’re supposed to be out of our rental by the end of this month, but now it looks like the closing for our new home won’t be until into May and a house full of six people and a lot of stuff to move!

So we’re just waiting and trusting and leaning and hoping & praying for people that will be willing to help us out with the move and such. Ugh. I know we will get through it all in the end – but at what cost? That’s the hard part.

Anyhow, we covet any of your prayers out there. In a good connection for to all this, check out this song that a friend shared with me, who’s wife is going through chemo treatments. In the meantime, through my anxieties, pain and hurts, I will continue to wait, trust and serve.


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Love Jesus, love my family, love meeting new people and sharing life with them!
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