Youth Culture Window: (More) Trouble with Texting

The Misuse of Tech Still Plagues Teens
An article from Jonathan McKee and David R. Smith

Excellent, excellent article here. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this. Good thing for us to think through as we’re looking into getting a cell phone for our 2nd child here soon. I certainly have been concerned about the whole sleep thing. We tried to have a rule with our first that she not bring her cell phone into her room at night – but found ourselves not following up with this very well. We’ll have to be more intentional about it all with our 2nd. Thoughts?


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One Response to Youth Culture Window: (More) Trouble with Texting

  1. Great article–all the things we’ve been trying to communicate, yet so hard to reinforce consistently! Good reminders. Now to get other parents to read! Not just sleep and homework time, but shouldn’t church be a no-cell-zone?


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