The Apostle Paul Looks at Today’s iTunes Top 10

Interesting take here from Jonathan McKee – kudos! Love his site, btw ( – free resources, including a youth ministry game customizable search feature – love it! Anyhow, I have a tendency to lean toward being less alarmist toward today’s music scene. I guess this partly comes from a reaction to when I was younger and heard the over-reaction side. It’s also hard when you really like some songs or bands that have bad lyrics. For example, I love the groves of songs by LMFAO, the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. But hearing Jonathan bring up what would the apostle Paul say if he looked at some of the songs us or our teens listen to made me stop and think about this more. And on the Youtube page for this video, someone posted this:

Not quite sure, but I think Jesus would offer the following advice to us today: “If a song causes you to sin, immediately delete it. If a TV channel causes you to sin, block it. If the Internet causes you to sin, call up your provider and cancel it.” I think, as Jonathan often says, that we (teenagers and adults alike) think the garbage that gets thrown our way each and every day is completely harmless. It’s a great thing to look at things from St. Paul’s (or Jesus’) perspective.

Good point! Would we be ashamed if Jesus came into our homes and asked if he could listen to the song I was listening to? And thinking about that quote above, I know we often think things are affecting us much less than we realize. We don’t realize how it is affecting our subconscious or the slow erosion that is occurring to our own spiritual sensitivities. Just something to think about.

What are your thoughts on this?


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2 Responses to The Apostle Paul Looks at Today’s iTunes Top 10

  1. Howard Snyder says:

    Thanks! Your next to last paragraph is quite profound, I think.


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