There’s an app for that?

speedOmeter app by AdaptA for Blackberry

I meant to post this back when we made our trip to Denver, but just as we were heading out for the all-night drive, the needle on our speedometer broke off!  It had already been not really working anyhow, but now completely busted.  Anyhow, I thought, “maybe there’s an app for that” and low and behold!  I am just amazed that I can use my phone as a speedometer as well – crazy!  I downloaded speedOmeter, made by AdaptA for my Blackberry as a FREE app.  Nicole was also able to find a speedometer app for her Palm Pre for like $1.  I think her’s is a little cooler looking but she’s had trouble with it working consistently.

It’s also crazy to me that I can pretty much download apps to my phone any time and any place!  Of course as long as I can get internet okay – which is almost any place I go.

Anyhow, what is the craziest or most amazing app that you’ve seen?


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