Hanging With Howard

Check this out:  http://www.altervideomagazine.com/2011/01/10/hanging-with-howard/

All I have to say is my dad is cool!  🙂

A couple highlights:

I love the image of the triangle of the covenant relationship between God, us and the earth (Genesis 9):


Us     —     Creation

(God created us & the Earth and both are good – Earth glorifies God & nurtures us – We glorify God & care for the Earth…)

New Testament doesn’t talk about joining a church, but about being made part of the church, being born into the family – the work of the Spirit…

4 Evangelisms (good news of the Kingdom)

  • Conversion Evangelism
  • Discipling Evangelism
  • Justice Evangelism
  • Culture Evangelism

Balance of Ecological understanding – interrelationship of things – not either or, but organic – relational – as in the doctrine of the trinity…

Importance of having a theology of the cross, theology of suffering…

Faith in God not only for personal salvation, but faith in God for the transformation of culture, social justice and so forth…

Lastly, I just have to say that the person I see day-to-day that models this balance more than anyone else is my wife, Nicole. Her passion, vision and heart are contagious! Thanks for being my partner darling!  🙂


About howie snyder

Love Jesus, love my family, love meeting new people and sharing life with them!
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4 Responses to Hanging With Howard

  1. Nicole Snyder says:

    two things:
    1. Your dad is a rock star!
    2. I would not be who I am now if you were not my partner in this life…. family…the work of the Spirit… on earth as it is in Heaven!


  2. Suzanne Oliver says:

    Aw, shucks.


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