A Beautiful Game!

Amazing game yesterday!  Wow!  Epic win.  I’d love to hear anyone’s takes or thoughts on the game.  Please post!

Here are some of my observations:

1. Abby Wambach is very good!

2. Marta is amazing! Some argue that she is the best women’s player ever. Maybe, but my vote still goes to Michelle Akers (Mia Hamm always got the notoriety because of her goal scoring, but Michelle Akers, to me, controlled games). But Marta is absolutely amazing to watch. I would put her as my favorite current women’s player (especially with my affinity to Brazil, with being born there), but I was troubled by her poor sportsmanship at yelling at Abby Wambach to get up, claiming Abby was faking it, when Abby was writhing in pain on the ground. Not cool.

3. That Penalty Kick and Red Card was total bogus. Though I have the benefit of the super-slow-mo replay. Marta also is so amazing at aggressively going after the ball that it looked like Marta got fouled – but if you watch the replay, you can see that the American player actually had the direct angle on going for the ball. Still, the move that Marta made right before the foul call was memorizing!

4. Then that encroachment call on the first penalty kick was absolutely an appalling call. I guess that made the U.S. come-back that much more epic and sweet, but if it hadn’t been for that comeback, man, there would be some serious outcry going on right now for the U.S. getting hosed. And not just from the U.S., I believe.

5. Brazil did not make themselves look very good with their poor sportsmanship, cheap time-killing tactics and lack of composure. Though easy to play arm-chair judge, I must say.

6. All that to say, that was one of the best Soccer matches I’ve ever seen!  Again, Wow!


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2 Responses to A Beautiful Game!

  1. Nicole Snyder says:

    Note to Jim Rome: get over yourself. Soccer is a riveting sport, and the skill displayed in the Women’s World Cup is stunning!
    Of course, I absolutely agree with your reflections on the game 😉


  2. howiesnyder says:

    Ha – way to stick it to @jimrome 🙂


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