Help Fight Genocide!

I remember a few years ago seeing the movie, Hotel Rwanda, and just being moved deeply by the film that such atrocities could continue unchecked. At the time, I had this attitude of “Never Again”; that I would do what I could to stop such horrific tragedies from occurring if they ever occurred again. Well that time is now, which is why I’m active in the “Save Darfur” Campaign. Don Cheadle, the star in Hotel Rwanda is heavily involved with this cause, as is actor, George Clooney, among others (check out:

Today’s call for action was to call the White House, which I just did, and I left a comment for President Obama to impose serious consequence on the Sudanese Government; to expand sanctions, freeze assets of the regime’s leaders, investigate the war crimes, and increase protection of civilians.

Will you do the same?  Go to this page to take action:

Thank you.


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2 Responses to Help Fight Genocide!

  1. Nicole Snyder says:

    I love that this affects you. I love your heart.


  2. howiesnyder says:

    Thanks Darling! 🙂


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